Social Design for Real Life

Social Design for Real Life resonates well through the introduction of VITAURBANA (urban life).


Metalco’s aim by VITAURBANA is to create new ways to live the landscape, conceiving a collection which embodies the historic concept of a “square.”  This collection matches a captivating design (Metalco’s style in street furniture) with the most sophisticated SMART technologies. It is Metalco’s mission to always acknowledge that life is made of encounters, exchanges, open-air activities, and urban landscapes. The modularity of this collection allows designers the freedom to form countless unique environments and create configurations that promote urban spaces alive with people.


Metalco is best known for high design and high-quality materials. Metalco manufactures their products with the most innovative technology and uses safe and durable materials. The manufacturing process, as well as the materials used, holds up to the highest standards in the site furnishing industry.

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