STILE Molecular Concrete

Metalco’s new STILE Molecular Concrete line is now available in the United States and Canada!

Composed of advanced materials for site furnishings, Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC), and Metalco’s proprietary blend of High Performance Concrete (HPC) are an innovative breakthrough in the manufacturing and crafting of site amenities.

UHPC is a patented material. The characteristics of UHPC are unique: the compressive strength values, bending, abrasion, porosity, fire and freeze/thaw cycles resistance are tested and certified. Metalco is part of select group of license holders for the design and fabrication of UHPC in the world of site amenities. This material allows Metalco new creative freedom and increased structural performance for our Molecular Concrete designs. Lighter in weight, when compared with traditional concrete site amenities, Molecular Concrete has exceptional resistance, flexibility and sophisticated designs. Completed with beautiful finish options, these designs are a remarkable addition to the site amenity industry and a smart choice for any indoor or outdoor project.

See more of our stylish designs by viewing our new STILE Molecular Concrete design book on our website. This book is synonymous in shape to our existing STILE design book and has over 50 new Molecular Concrete designs described with lush images. For a hard copy our STILE Molecular Concrete design book, please contact your local id metalco representative. Not sure who to contact? Contact us directly and we would be delighted to make the introduction.