Pietre di marmo

Reconstituted granite
and marble stones

General requirements applicable to all Metalco’s products in any material

Products must be removed from plastic (nylon) packaging to avoid damage. In the case that a product can not be installed within the first few days, make sure product is removed from packaging to allow ventilation and prevent formation of condensation. This can irreparably damage the product.

All parts in reconstituted stone are produced using a mixture of binder and aggregates of granite or marble, thoroughly washed and screened, available in different colors.

N.B.: The images reproduced are merely indicative; please refer to physical samples.

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Pietre di Marmo features

Generally, seating and horizontal surfaces are smooth, while vertical surfaces tend to be sandblasted or bush-hammered. Upon request, and with price surcharge, products may be fully polished.

Surfaces in pietre di marmo (PDM) are treated with a special “anti-deterioration” coating, a transparent satin matte, which increases the durability and ability to resist the effects of run-off and the appearance of mold, and the like, which also gives the object a natural look and feel. 

Upon request and with an extra charge, you can request “ANTIGRAFFITI” treatment, which allows for the easy removal of the vandalism carried out with various types of sprays and permanent markers.

All products come with bushings embedded in the stone for assembly and lifting, and with lugs for handling and installation.


levigato-beigesmooth surface
bocciardato-beigesandblasted surface/hammered


levigato-nerosmooth surface
bocciardato-nerosandblasted surface/hammered


levigato-biancosmooth surface
bocciardato-biancosandblasted surface/hammered


Clean the material with water and detergent, to avoid build up of dirt and weathering.
For small chips of the material is possible to make the repairs with the appropriate kit to be ordered according to the type of stone finish.
In case of any doubt about the proper maintenance procedure, please contact the Metalco Quality Department for advice.